Megan Gale Boyfriend

So who is last known Megan Gale boyfriend?

Megan Gale boyfriend used to be Andy Lee, but she broke up with him in 2010 and this gained her a lot of criticism from the media. Former Megan Gale boyfriend was a comedian so life together with him was great and she was never sad. The fact that her relationship gained her so much criticism it is no wonder that she kept her current ones in secret for a long time.

The current Megan Gale boyfriend is Shaun Hampson and they have been together for eighteen months now. Megan Gale boyfriend is 13 year younger than her and once again she receives criticism because of this. Thus, recently she has talked about her relationship with him for the first time in the media. She has stated that Megan Gale boyfriend is more mature than he looks. Despite the fact that he is really young she notes that he is smarter than any other man of his age and her age also.

Megan Gale boyfriend is not bothered by their age difference as well as she does not care. She notes that there are people who do not agree about this type of relationship, but Megan Gale boyfriend makes jokes about it. She also adds that if he would be 13 years older no one would even notice this.

She openly declares that the age difference between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is not noticed and they have the same as Megan Gale boyfriend and Megan. So she wonders why people notice one couples and the others are left in peace. Thus, even though he is 24 years old he has seen a lot in his life and this has made him more mature than any other men around her.

Even though Megan Gale boyfriend seems like a perfect one for her, she notes that when it comes to marriage it is doubtful that it will happen.

All in all Megan notes that she is not the type of a woman that is fit for marriage. Thus, she would like to have children in the future and she notes that age will not stop her from having a family. Considering the fact that she is 37 years old, she would really have to think about children any time soon, because it could be too late after some years.

Megan thinks that women give birth to babies when they are her age and there is nothing bad about this. Further with age women are certain with whom they want to be with, so they fell secure in giving birth to children. So now here is a little bit of information about Megan Gale boyfriend. He is a footballer and has played in the Australian Football League since 2007. Megan Gale boyfriend was good at sports when he was just in school especially athletics. In 2012 he had an eye surgery in order to correct his short-sightedness. So he has struggled with it in a really young age. Despite this there are no rumors about his life in the media and they make a strong couple together.

megan gale boyfriend

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