Mia Wasikowska Boyfriend

So who is last known Mia Wasikowska boyfriend?

Mia Wasikowska might not look like a Barbie girl, but a lot of people would agree that she is a talented actress and every role that she has taken up was made by her heart. Recently Jesse Eisenberg was confirmed as Mia Wasikowska boyfriend. The couple is no longer afraid to show their affection for one another in public and is happily walking around Toronto streets holding hands. In addition Mia Wasikowska boyfriend was seen kissing her whenever he had the moment to do this. They both were enjoying time sitting and talking in one café.

Mia Wasikowska boyfriend is 29 years old and Mia is 23. She has enchanted him so much that when they are talking, he does not get his eyes from her and after she finishes her stories he leans over to give her a kiss. Before getting into relationship with Mia Jesse was linked to Anna Strout, but these were only rumors. Mia Wasikowska boyfriend has stated a year ago that he admires Mia as an actress. Besides this the couple has acted in one movie together and after it Mia Wasikowska boyfriend was even more interested in her. Jesse notes that she is wonderful.

They both suit each other perfectly. As actors they choose roles that are interesting to develop and they succeed in it. Mia is mostly known for her role in Alice In Wonderland that gained all in all one billion of dollars. Mia Wasikowska boyfriend has gained his fame from starring in The Social Network and he was even nominated for an Academy Award for his role.

In one interview Mia Wasikowska boyfriend has stated that he does not know any good advice how to act with women, because he has been only in one relationship. Besides this he has stated that being nice should be the priority when dating someone.

When he was asked about a perfect woman, Jesse stated that people who take care of others are the most interesting for him. This might be because of the family that he comes from. His parents are teachers and a lot of his friends are teachers also so he knows what it is like to help others. Mia Wasikowska boyfriend notes that his job is selfish and that he likes to be surrounded by better people.

However Mia Wasikowska boyfriend takes up different activities when he is not acting in order to help. Due to the fact that he loves animals, Jesse is involved in fostering them. In addition Mia Wasikowska boyfriend is a vegetarian so he does not eat meat. Further, he is environmental friendly and likes to take a ride on a bicycle rather than in a car. The most recent movie that Mia Wasikowska boyfriend has acted in is Now You See Me and this gained him even more fame and success. So Mia and Jesse fit each other and they are not afraid to show their emotions in public and this makes them a perfect couple.

mia wasikowska boyfriend

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