Michelle Rodriguez Boyfriend

So who is last known Michelle Rodriguez boyfriend?

Michelle Rodriguez is one of the sexiest actresses that can recently been seen in the movies. She is an actress and her main role was in the Fast and Furious movies. Her personal life seems to be also bumpy. Up until 2000 Michelle Rodriguez boyfriend was a Muslim. She refuses to reveal his name, thus she does state that they divorced, because she was opposing to al the religious requests that he was making for her. So no wonder that Michelle Rodriguez boyfriend was left by her and she even broke of their relationship.

After him, Vin Diesel was known as Michelle Rodriguez boyfriend. The two actors were co-stars in the movie The Fast and The Furious. Since then their relationship grew bigger and they became a couple. Thus it did not last for long and he was known as Michelle Rodriguez boyfriend only for a short time. Then she was acting in the movie S.W.A.T. together with Olivier Martinez and they began their relationship also after the movie was filmed. It looks like Michelle likes to be in a relationship with her co-stars.

In addition not only that she has dated co-stars, but she has also been into relationship with women. In 2007 she has states to one magazine that she has tried to go out with women also. Thus after some time she has noted that she is not bisexual and that this magazine has stated things that were put in her mouth. In addition there were rumors that she was dating a woman, but she has not confirmed them.

Michelle has talked in one interview about the expectations that she has when it comes to men. She notes that in the past she has made a lot of mistakes concerning her life. She notes that she used to party too much she notes that she rebels against everything including her.

To comments about being linked in the past to different men and women Michelle states that she has not found the right one, because there are no real men in Los Angeles.

Michelle Rodriguez boyfriend should be a manly man. She notes that she cannot stand men that go and tdo their nails more often than she does. So she blames the fact that she has been living in Los Angeles for eight years for not having a boyfriend. Thus the fact that she is rebellious also is another reason that Michelle boyfriend does not exist.

Michelle Rodriguez boyfriend has to deal with her past and she has a record. In 2002 she was arrested for attacking her roommate. Thus she has declined her allegations and Michelle was set free. Besides this she has been charged because of driving and had to pay fine and also do community work for her driving drunk. However ever since 2008 there are no records about her being in trouble. So Michelle Rodriguez seems to be fixing her problems and finally dealing with herself. So who knows maybe any time soon she will find manly man to be called as Michelle Rodriguez boyfriend.

michelle rodriguez boyfriend

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