Mollie King Boyfriend

So who is last known Mollie King boyfriend?

Mollie King has been into relationship with David Gandy. For many years he was known as Mollie King boyfriend. In addition David seems like a nice person to be around. Besides being a model he also has participated in plenty of charitable events together with Mollie and they both have raise money and donated money for grater causes. Thus, their relationship did not last and for some kind of reasons the couple decided to go into different directions and split up. Their relationship ended last year and after them Mollie was single for some time, before she met Jordan Omley.
He is the new Mollie King boyfriend and she admits that she has even begun thinking about their marriage. Even though for a couple of months neither one of them confirmed the rumors about being a couple, Mollie finally decided to share her joy with the media nor stated that they are together. She states that they both have known each other for some time now and that it took a while for them to make it happen. Mollie King boyfriend has been working together with her in the studio and she always thought that he is nice, but never told it. She notes that thoughts about becoming romantically linked with him never crossed her mind, because of the distance that separates Mollie King boyfriend from her.
She notes that the time when she was back in UK was when they got in touch with each other again. Mollie King boyfriend was working in New York at the moment and she loved this place, so she told him that they could explore the city, when he has some days of work. And so they did. Mollie states that it was the best time of her life and she really enjoyed this. She notes that the fact that there is a big distance between them only makes their relationship exiting.

It appears that everything is working out for them just the way that they wanted and Mollie King boyfriend is always happy to see her. She notes that the time spent apart makes them exited to wait for their meeting and they are always fresh.
The singer also states that due to the fact that her band mates have got married recently, she also considers doing it any time soon. She wants to follow their example, thus, it is not clear what Mollie King boyfriend thinks about this. She notes that both of her friends were happy getting married and creating their families and it was a great experience for her to be in their weddings.
Further, Mollie King boyfriend should get ready, because she states that she wants to gave three or four children and create a big family. Thus, this should not make big problems for Mollie King boyfriend because he is a music producer and manages to earn a lot of money for his living, so they can create their family as soon as they both are ready for this.

mollie king boyfriend

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