Mya Boyfriend

So who is last known Mya boyfriend?

The full name of Mya is Mya Marie Harrison but she is known only as Mya because this is the way that she is called on stage. She is a singer and a recording artist also an entertainer and a philanthropist besides being an occasional actress. She has taken a lot of lessons in her childhood in order to achieve something in her career. She has had plenty of relationship in her past, thus all of men known as Mya boyfriend did not treat her the right way that they are supposed to treat women.
In addition in 2006 she has had someone special in her life and he was called as Mia boyfriend, but they broke u during the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. So she was inspired with her brake up from the former Mya boyfriend and used this in order to write a new song. Their brake u happened because she was ditched during the evening of Valentine’s Day. So she changed her schedule and planned everything in order to spent time with her boyfriend and was waiting for him. Thus she only heard from Mya boyfriend the next day and they divorced by a Sidekick.
In addition Mya fears that she is going in her mother footsteps, because she has been dating serial cheaters. She has revealed that her mother stayed with her father for ten years since the day that she found out he was cheating on her. So her mother must have really loved him and dealt with his cheating problem. Thus, she tries not to date cheaters, because has been going on with them for some time. Mya has lost her virginity at the age of 19 and then current Mya boyfriend cheated on her after everything and she stayed together with him even though she knew this.
She notes that after these relationships she tries to be reasonable, because for some time she stayed with Mya boyfriend even though new that she was cheating.

Besides this, Mya has found out everything about that cheating man and his other love. She notes that she found out he number of the other woman and everything possible about her. And when the time came she got ready and confronted the cheating Mya boyfriend.
Thus after this she has been together with him for some time more. Mya boyfriend agreed that he has problems with monogamy and told her everything about the other woman. So Mya decided to stay with him. She did not want to share her body with anyone else and thought that then current Mya boyfriend was the only one in her life. In order to be with him she tried to break her image as a good-girl. She was so angry on the world that decided to take up boxing and also learned how to shoot a gum. Her father used to say to his daughter from the beginning of her life that men are interested in women just for sexual relationship. So now he has learned this herself and this is the reason that Mya boyfriend does not exist.

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