Nicky Hilton Boyfriend

So who is last known Nicky Hilton boyfriend?

James Rothschild is the current Nicky Hilton boyfriend of the year 2013. Nicky changes her man as fast as she can so no wonder that the media calls James as her man of these years. The couple met each other in an event in Italy. Nicky Hilton boyfriend is a British banking heir, so he does not have to do anything serious in his life. Their relationships have become stronger in the recent months and they have been spotted in place places together. Thus he is not the first one that looks serious in the life of this businesswoman, who is mostly known as a fashion designer. She is also an heir in a way. Nicky is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, who is the founder of Hilton Hotels.

Nicky’s father was a businessman and her mother an actress, as you might already know she has an older sister Paris Hilton and two brothers also. She has also tried herself out in modeling, but fashion is the section that she feels most happy in. So now here is more information about her love life and relationship.

Todd Andrew was her friend from childhood and he was known as Nicky Hilton boyfriend. In 2004 they even got married in Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. However their marriage was not mean to last for a long time. After a couple of months the couple decided to make an annulment about their wedding. Nicky Hilton boyfriend representative stated that this was an agreement made by them. There were also statements made that former Nicky Hilton boyfriend has remained good friends with her. Their marriage took place when she was 21 years old and Nicky Hilton boyfriend was 33, so he was 11 years older than her.

No further details about their wedding are known, because the court sealed the papers that were filled for their annulment.

Thus, Nicky Hilton boyfriend was the one that filled those papers. The most important thing is that they agreed on making a mistake by getting married and fixed it together.

After her marriage annulment for a couple of years there was no one special in her love life until 2007. Then David Katzenberg began to be called as Nicky Hilton boyfriend. Thus the couple spent four years together, but just as her previous relationship this was not mean to be. Nicky Hilton boyfriend and Nicky separated in 2011.

They both have stated to the media that the break up happened because of their busy schedules. So they had to do something about the fact that there was not enough time to spend together and to do everything that they should. Nicky Hilton boyfriend was focused on making his feature films and Nicky was busy on promoting her jewelry line in Asia. A source close to them stated that there is no third person involved in their break up and that they still remained good friends since they have known each other from teenage years. So now Nicky is trying to make it work with a person from different sphere that is not show business.

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